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Is This the Future Model for Enterprise Asset Management?

Lewis and Jefferson County Joint Infrastructure Management Initiative

award-icon.pngThe Lewis and Jefferson County Joint Infrastructure Management Initiative has established (JIMI) a unique model for managing municipal assets. Through its use of the Cartegraph Operations Management system, the project shares technology and data among 15 individual municipalities.  This collaborative approach gives these organizations accurate, innovative tools for capital planning, budgeting, and proactive maintenance programs.

 Here’s How They Do it

  • The JIMI Group utilizes Cartegraph’s Operations Management System to catalogue, track, and maintain vital assets such as roads, equipment, water meters and valves, drainage culverts, and signage.
  • All project participants in the project share data, reports, forms and training to help reduce costs and increase efficiencies.
  • The group’s unique sharing model helps each participating organization ensure that its assets are replaced before costly repairs are needed, maintenance and repairs are accurately documented, and reports are generated effectively and efficiently.

"I was excited to learn about the JIMI group receiving the "Excellence in Operations Management Award."  This group, which is made up of 15 local governments, has been a great group of people to work with.  They are a very committed group of people that exemplify what shared services are about.  I couldn't be more proud of this group receiving this award and am excited about the work that is being done using Cartegraph OMS."

Mickey Dietrich
GIS System Specialist
Tug Hill Commission 

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