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Municipal Operations Management: New Era, New Perspective

I’ve been in this industry for 15 years and I’ve seen many notable things. But, right now, I can say with great confidence, that as a company and as an industry, we’re in the midst of the most exciting times I’ve ever experienced as a professional.

We’ve entered a new era for operations management. Did you catch that? I said operations management. Not asset management, not work management — well, yes, those, too — but from now on, you’ll be approaching the management of those operations from a whole new perspective.

The Idea: With an industry evolving, we have an opportunity.

Years ago, it became clear that technology was evolving so quickly, it wouldn’t be long before the entire public sector would absolutely need to evolve with it. So we began working on a system that would help government organizations evolve their operations in a way that would resonate well into the future.  

While we were busy working on our new system, the public sector began its transformation. More and more, we encountered agencies and organizations looking for technology to solve the types of problems the private sector has been tackling for years.  Customer service improvements, accountability, process management, efficiency, integration — these fundamental aspects of corporations and business are now expected of you.

We took this information and combined it with the most advanced methodologies and technologies we know. The result a revolutionary operations management system tailored to government.

It’s awesome. It’s a game changer.
And we know you’ll want to use it.

The Problem: No one knows what Cartegraph does.

I asked some customers and a few employees to describe, simply, what Cartegraph does. This “simple” question garnered no less than 25 different answers. Not exactly the well-defined consensus I was looking for.  

No business can possibly be everything to everyone. Yet, that’s how we were being described. I challenged a research firm — you know, the “pros” — to categorize our business.  Even they couldn't muster anything beyond a catch-all blend of several business categories.

“Our system is built to share municipal work, asset, resource, and request management data with other core government systems,” I said.  “Yet, you can't come up with a clear and concise way to describe what Cartegraph does for public sector organizations. Isn't this an obvious problem?” They thought I was on to something. And I was.

Continuing the conversation with our customers revealed another perspective. It turns out we’re more important than we've ever known. In fact, Cartegraph is so critical to day-to-day municipal operations that, in many organizations, it is part of emergency management protocol.  So, if the Cartegraph system goes down, it’s all hands on deck to get it back up and running — ASAP!

The Revelation: A new seat at the table.

Our Services team spends a lot of time integrating Cartegraph with other core systems such as GIS, CRM, and financial systems.  That led us to identify a gap, or an “empty seat,” at that enterprise table of systems.

In many respects, we were already occupying a seat. Cartegraph has always supported information and process needs by associating with other enterprise systems. But as hard as the system worked, and as important as it was to the management of day-to-day operations, we were never really invited to sit down at the table and stay.

The world is full of companies offering applications and solutions that claim to fulfill the day-to-day operations management needs of local government. They’ll install them. They’ll do their best to knit them together with your other systems. And they’ll leave you with a hodge-podge of systems and applications that may or may not get along. Some call it a WORK-ASSET-REQUEST-RESOURCE management system. I call it A-B-S-U-R-D.

So we decided to crash the “enterprise party.” We brought our own chair, too. In it, a business critical system that’s vital to the efficiency and success of day-to-day municipal operations. It’s on equal footing with other enterprise systems, not child to them. It’s a powerful engine for managing incoming requests, assigning and completing work, maintaining assets, and managing all your resources. Just as importantly, it’ll save you time and money.

It’s our new Operations Management System. We’re confident that once you fully realize what it brings to the table, you’ll never want us to leave. 

The Future: A new approach to day-to-day business.

Let me say it for you: the future looks pretty incredible. You've got a fresh perspective on the system you need to manage your day-to-day municipal operations.  You know exactly why and how it fits into your enterprise. You even know what to call it now (hint: impress your boss and friends by working Cartegraph Operations Management System into all your conversations).

For you, our Operations Management System introduces a future brightened by operational improvements in efficiency, accountability, customer service, and more. For us, this kicks-off a new era of delivering modern government technology to organizations that have waited a long time for a better approach to managing day-to-day municipal operations.

We’re excited. And we hope you are, too. 

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