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Streamline Processes and Workflow with Cartegraph

Cartegraph is more than just an asset management solution. It’s a complete work management solution, too. Without processes and workflow tools, your assets would just be a bunch of data points on a map. What’s the value of knowing that the hydrant on the corner of 4th and Main needs to be repaired if there aren’t tools in place to manage that repair process? Workflow is the piece that turns your data into action and your actions into results.

With Cartegraph’s work management tools, you can easily assign and track daily work, determine the status of ongoing and planned projects, and automate workflow processes. And with Cartegraph for iPad, you can manage that workflow from anywhere.

Tasks, Work Orders, and Time Entry

It’s no secret that your local government organization is busy. Between the day-to-day demands of keeping all your assets in good condition and the constant stream of citizen requests, you don’t have time to micromanage who is doing what and when they’re doing it. Let Cartegraph do that for you.

By organizing all tasks, work orders, and time entry in Cartegraph, you’ll free your team up to do what they do best: get work done. Create and schedule tasks, notify your team of urgent tasks in real time, and set up repeating tasks to streamline your operations. Easily check in on work orders to see the overall costs and progress, when it needs to be completed, and when it needs to be done again. Stop guessing on time entry; complete your task in the field or in the office, enter your time, and mark it complete.

Preventative Maintenance Triggers

Cartegraph’s workflow management goes beyond managing reactive repairs. You’ll never get ahead if you’re only fixing what’s broken. That’s why preventative maintenance is a core feature of the system. Create asset maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, and proactively plan for replacements and repairs.

Cartegraph + Esri

Geography is a key component of efficient work planning. If you ignore the location of the work, you’ll be throwing time and money out the window as crews drive back and forth, tackling individual tasks on opposite sides of the city or county. By using Cartegraph and ArcGIS together, you can tackle all of the tasks in one geographic area before moving on to the next. The system doesn’t just show you what work needs to be done; it shows you the smartest way to do it—making municipal operations run more smoothly and efficiently than ever.

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