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Take Back 30 Minutes a Day with Cartegraph

As a high-performance government, your citizens are counting on you to be efficient, effective, and productive. Unfortunately, many organizations are wasting their most valuable resource without realizing it: their time. Once you’ve given it away, time is something your government will never get back.

Learn how cities and counties across the country are making the most of their resources, and using Cartegraph to take back minutes—if not hours—each and every day.

City of Kingsport, Tennessee:

Tracking work and assets used to be cumbersome for the City of Kingsport. Jobs were entered into a DOS-based program, printed out with maps, and physically assigned out to 250 field professionals each morning. The process was inefficient and ineffective, and the City knew it was time for a change. Today, Kingsport crews use the Cartegraph mobile app to automatically receive assignments and complete work on the go. The move to mobile has eliminated Kingsport’s morning assignment meeting, saving more than 30 minutes a day for their entire team. Learn more about Kingsport…

City of Rosemont, Minnesota:

Looking to increase productivity and reduce costs, Rosemount found they were inefficiently spending $35,000 a year to clean catch basin sumps. Since the work was assigned by region, sumps containing very little debris were needlessly cleaned while sumps with higher debris amounts were often skipped. With Cartegraph technology in hand, the city established a data-driven maintenance schedule that has saved the city 1,500 staff hours and more than $80,000 in equipment costs over a five-year course. Read more on Rosemont…

City of Oneida, New York:

After implementing Cartegraph, Oneida has realized efficiencies even in the most unlikely places. Summer yard waste cleanup used to drain city resources, as the public works crew needed to drive around looking for piles to chip. Now with Cartegraph, city residents input their requests through a 311 integration, allowing a dedicated team to complete all the pickups with the most efficient route. Not only has Oneida cut their yard waste time, fuel, and vehicle use in half, the city’s specialized crew members can focus their talents on more advanced projects. Discover more about Oneida…

City of Arlington, Texas:

With new parks coming online, the City of Arlington slowly outpaced their resources and needed to uncover efficiencies to keep up. Could they accomplish more with less energy? Did they really need to visit every park each day? Putting their Cartegraph OMS data to work, Arlington revealed smaller, less used parks could be cleaned once or twice a week without affecting citizen satisfaction. The team put a new, data-driven schedule into action that has helped them save 3,300 hours—or $60,000 in labor costs—in less than a year. See Arlington in action…

How much time could Cartegraph save your organization? Let’s chat!