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San Diego’s Roads Will Be Filmed, Measured To Assess Damage

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
By Claire Trageser, KPBS - San Diego

San Diego's 2,774 miles of roads will be measured and filmed using vehicles outfitted with cameras and sensors, Mayor Kevin Faulcouner announced Tuesday.

The city is paying $550,000 to Dubuque, Iowa-based Cartegraph Systems Inc. to do the assessment, which will take six months. A report on the findings will be released in eight or nine months, said Kris McFadden, the director of the city's Transportation & Storm Water Department.

Cartegraph will use a Nissan pickup truck with a laser sensor attached to its front to measure "every pothole, bump and ripple" in the road, McFadden said. A Toyota Prius with a tall camera apparatus on top will take panoramic recordings of the road, much like the cars that record views for Google Maps, he said.

The last time the city did a complete assessment of its roads was in 2011. McFadden said the City Auditor's Office recommended the city undertake the project every four years because roads deteriorate at different rates.

Faulconer said the assessment will help the city prioritize which roads should be fixed first, and will let the government know how much money infrastructure repairs will require in the future.

"It's going to help us make sure that we're spending our money wisely on the streets that need it and the streets that need immediate attention now," he said. "It helps to make sure that every single neighborhood gets fair and equal treatment." 

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