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2014 Excellence in Operations Management Awards

Cartegraph program honors local government operations

DUBUQUE, IOWA — Cartegraph, the leading provider of work and asset management technologies for local governments, is pleased to announce the winners of its Second Annual Excellence in Operations Management Awards, a program recognizing municipal organizations that are improving their communities through the use of modern technology.

Five local government organizations earned awards based on their accomplishments using technology in several core areas, including infrastructure management and improvement, operational efficiency, citizen engagement, and data-driven decision making.


2014 Excellence in Operations Management Awards Winners:

Joint Water Commission (JWC) Water Treatment Plant, Hillsboro, OR

The JWC Water Treatment Plant is the largest conventional water treatment plant in the state of Oregon.  The facility uses its Cartegraph technology to accurately and efficiently manage assets, tasks, work orders, inspections, and daily plant operation logs, as well as provide real-time data to its member agencies. JWC regularly collaborates with Cartegraph, lending its experience, ideas, and insight to the company for use in the ongoing development and refinement of work and asset management technology for local governments.  

Town of Castle Rock, CO

Castle Rock has become a regional leader in its use of work and asset management technology. Within a month of implementing Cartegraph Operations Management technology in its Utilities Department, the town measured a remarkable 25% increase in efficiency of its water hydrant inspections.  Castle Rock’s technology initiative is ongoing and the organization looks forward to achieving similarly impressive results in the future. 

City of Junction City, KS

After 8-10 years of relying on privatized services, Junction City recently created a new, fully operational Public Works Department, reducing the city’s annual operational costs by approximately $1 million dollars annually.  To achieve these results, the city adopted new technologies, processes, and best practices for managing its local government operations, most notably in the areas of asset, fleet, and citizen request management.

Arlington, TX Parks and Recreation Department

Arlington, TX was one of the first cities in the state to implement a comprehensive work, asset, and operations management technology platform in its parks sector. Over the past year, the department generated more than 11,000 work tasks and created records for 4500 individual assets. This empirical data is enabling Arlington Parks and Recreation to make informed decisions based on resources, aging infrastructure, and budget. The data has also given the department a powerful new tool for demonstrating the broad perspective and scope of its daily operations to the city council and the general public. 

Village of Glen Ellyn, IL

The Glen Ellyn Public Works Department has spent the past several years using technology to develop efficient, innovative new processes for managing work, resources, infrastructure, and assets. Using Cartegraph together with mobile devices and its Geographic Information System (GIS), Glen Ellyn has boosted workforce productivity and the integrity of its data, enabling itself to respond better to citizens and make more accurate decisions about spending, staffing, and infrastructure improvements. 

About Cartegraph
Cartegraph is a leading provider of work, asset, resource, and request management technology for local governments.  Its cloud-based Operations Management System (OMS) is the first of its kind and the only OMS designed and built to serve the specialized needs of local government.