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Cartegraph launches new proactive work planning tool

Predict the future cost of any asset with Scenario Builder

DUBUQUE, IOWA — Cartegraph, the leading provider of enterprise asset management technology for local government organizations, is excited to announce the availability of its new proactive work planning tool, Scenario Builder.

Part of the latest release of Cartegraph’s Operations Management System, Scenario Builder is designed to simplify project planning and budget justification for local government organizations of all sizes.

From pavement to water utilities, Scenario Builder can predict the future cost and condition of any asset within seconds. Users enter their timeline and budget or their timeline and goals. The system analyzes the performance curves to project which activities will maximize the life of the asset—and how much it will cost.

“The power of operations data continues to amaze me,” says Jake Schneider, Cartegraph President and CEO. “It’s easy to justify a budget request when you have definitive proof of why you need the money and how you’ll spend it. One of our clients has used our system to do that for pavement and they haven’t seen a budget cut in 20 years. That’s unheard of. Now with the advancement of Scenario Builder, they can extend that capability to other asset types.”

To learn more about Scenario Builder, see it in action, or request a demo, click here