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Cartegraph + Esri: Connected Like Never Before

The Local Government Solution for ArcGIS

DUBUQUE, IOWA — Cartegraph, the leading provider of work, asset, resource, and request management technology for local governments, is excited to announce a groundbreaking connection with Esri, the world's leading mapping technology company.

As part of the Summer 2015 Release, every Cartegraph user is now connected to the ArcGIS platform through ArcGIS Identity. This change creates an incredibly efficient and seamless way for Cartegraph users to experience the full capabilities of two powerhouse platforms working together.

“Our technology is connected like never before – customers now get to apply geography to day-to-day operational activities, ask and answer big questions, and simplify the way they interact with the ArcGIS platform,” said Jake Schneider, Cartegraph President and CEO.

By combining the spatial analysis capabilities of ArcGIS with the work and asset management capabilities of Cartegraph, local government organizations will unlock data on an unprecedented level. Armed with that data, they’ll be empowered to make decisions in a whole new way.

“Using Cartegraph and ArcGIS together gives customers new insights,” explained Chris Cappelli, Esri Director of Global Sales & Business Development. “Giving users access to a true, authoritative picture of the current state of their assets, including the geography of those assets, is invaluable.”

For more information about how the Cartegraph and Esri platforms work together, visit