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Storm Basin

An effective approach to storm basin management. The field-ready Storm Basin solution can be used to capture accurate data during installations, inspections, inventory, and maintenance. Pair it with our other Storm solutions and get full visibility of every part of your network. 


  • Guided Inspections: Populate the ordered fields, attach notes, photos, and video, and schedule necessary follow-up tasks on the spot.
  • NPDES Standards: All included data fields are based on National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System recommended maintenance and assessment methods.
  • Detailed Records: Instantly see the history of a basin structure including installation date and inspection history. Use that data to plan budgets and projects, and forecast the service life.
  • Linkable Assets: Connect basin records to those of the outlets, pipes, and culverts they link to.
  • Repeating Work Orders: A simple, organized way to be proactive. Just group the assorted, routine tasks—such as maintenance, inspection, and testing—within a single work order. Then schedule that work order to repeat at your preferred interval.
  • Risk & Business Risk Exposure (BRE): These scores help you prioritize work and allocate your budget to address higher risk assets. The risk score is a number from 1 to 25 and is based on an asset's Probability of Failure and its Consequence of Failure. Calculating Risk is available for all asset types and Equipment.

Asset Details

Intelligently ordered fields lead users through inspections, making sure every piece of essential information gets captured. Use your data to calculate current condition, anticipate future condition, and predict remaining service life.

Asset Shape: Polygon

Report: Asset Summary

Conditional Categories

  • Operation
  • Structure

Maintenance Activities

  • Debris Removal
  • Inspect
  • Install
  • Repair
  • Replace
  • Retire
  • Vegetation Management


  • City
  • Location Description
  • Street


  • Area
  • Bottom Material
  • Capacity
  • Depth
  • ID
  • Length
  • Notes
  • Outlet Elevation
  • Type
  • Width

Bottom Materials

  • Grass
  • Riprap
  • Concrete


  • Retention
  • Detention
  • Filtration

Distribute Cost Using default value: Area

Relevant Dates

  • Installed
  • Replaced
  • Retired

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