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Manage all your plumbing in a facility with one all-encompassing solution. Inventory, inspect, maintain, and perform preventative maintenance of all your plumbing, thus saving costs by extending their service lives. Use this high-performing tool along with all other highly effective Facility solutions to get an accurate picture of facility performance. Before August 12, 2021 and the Summer 2021 release the name of this asset was Plumbing Equipment.


  • Guided Inspections: Populate the ordered fields, attach notes and photos, and schedule necessary follow-up tasks on the spot.
  • Detailed Records: Instantly see the asset's entire event and inspection history. Use that data when planning budgets and forecasting service life.
  • Planned Maintenance: Create maintenance schedules, identify recurring maintenance tasks, gauge asset performance, and proactively plan for repairs.
  • Repeating Work Orders: Group the assorted, routine tasks — such as maintenance, inspection, and testing — within a single work order. Then schedule that work order to repeat at your preferred interval.
  • Facility Condition Assessments (FCA): Evaluate the condition and functionality of a facility's plumbing. In Cartegraph, you can create, edit, and close assessments in the asset detail view—and create work directly from assessments.
  • Risk & Business Risk Exposure (BRE): These scores help you prioritize work and allocate your budget to address higher risk assets. The risk score is a number from 1 to 25 and is based on an asset's Probability of Failure and its Consequence of Failure. Calculating Risk is available for all asset types and Equipment.

Asset Details

Intelligently ordered fields lead users through inspections, making sure every piece of essential information gets captured. Use your data to calculate current condition, anticipate future condition, and predict remaining service life.

Asset Shape: Point

Report: Summary

Component of Facility Floor, WWTP Floor, and WTP Floor

Condition Categories

  • Aesthetics
  • Operation

Maintenance Activities

  • Clean
  • Inspect
  • Install
  • Repair
  • Replace
  • Retire


  • Address Number
  • City
  • Location Description
  • Location Address Number
  • Locator Street
  • Locator City
  • Street


  • ID
  • Building
  • Floor
  • Capacity or Size
  • Uniformat Code
  • Description
  • Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Warranty Expiration
  • Notes


  • American Standard
  • Barclay Products Ltd.
  • Crane Plumbing
  • Delta Faucet
  • Eljer
  • Elkay Manufacturing
  • Bemis Manufacturing
  • Blanco America, Inc.
  • Kohler
  • Moen
  • Toto
  • Zurn

Fixture Types

  • Drainage Catchment
  • Drainage Outfall
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Emergency Shower
  • Eye Wash Station
  • Faucet
  • Hose bibb
  • Hot Water Heater
  • Bathtub
  • Bidet
  • Shower
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Urinal
  • Floor Trap
  • Floor Waste
  • Grease Interceptor
  • Gully Sump
  • Gully Trap
  • Roof Drain
  • Disposal Unit
  • Drain
  • Floor Drain
  • Utility Sink

Distribute Cost Using default value: None

Building Context default value: Floor Aware

Relevant Dates

  • Installed
  • Replaced
  • Retired

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