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Water Treatment Plant Facility

A water treatment plant facility serves as a container asset that represents a physical building, combining component tools to provide full visibility of your water treatment plant. Use our high-performing Water Treatment Plant Facility solution to effectively manage inspections, maintenance, and repairs. See requests, costs, and overall performance. Keep water treatment plants up to date and fully functional.


  • Guided Inspections: Populate the ordered fields, attach notes and photos, and schedule necessary follow-up tasks on the spot.
  • Deterioration and Performance Curve: Use your inspection data to estimate the remaining service life and maintenance costs of your facilities.
  • Material Costs: Calculate reapplication costs based on individual water treatment plant data—such as material, surface, and application rate—right inside the asset.
  • Detailed Records: Receive detailed analysis of tasks, assets, work orders, and other water treatment plant details.
  • Location-Centric: View location-based data to best gauge location efficiency.
  • Planned Maintenance: Set a maintenance schedule so necessary tasks and work orders get assigned in advance.
  • Facility Condition Assessments (FCA): Evaluate the condition and functionality of a water treatment plant facility. In Cartegraph, you can create, edit, and close assessments in the asset detail view—and create work directly from assessments.
  • Facility Condition Index (FCI): A benchmark metric used to evaluate the current condition of a water treatment plant facility and its component assets. Based on industry standards, FCI is most often calculated following a facility condition assessment (FCA).
  • Risk & Business Risk Exposure (BRE): These scores help you prioritize work and allocate your budget to address higher risk assets. The risk score is a number from 1 to 25 and is based on an asset's Probability of Failure and its Consequence of Failure. Calculating Risk is available for all asset types and Equipment.

Asset Details

Intelligently ordered fields lead users through inspections, making sure every piece of essential information gets captured. Use your data to calculate current condition, anticipate future condition, and predict remaining service life.

Asset shape: Polygon

Report: Asset Summary

Container for: Water Treatment Plant Processes or Water Treatment Plant Floor

Component of: Water Treatment Plants

Conditional Categories

  • Aesthetics
  • Structure

Maintenance Activities

  • Inspect
  • Install
  • Replace
  • Retire
  • Clean
  • Paint
  • Repair


  • Address Number
  • City
  • Location Description
  • Street


  • ID
  • Description
  • Facility Size
  • Facility Type
  • Floor Count
  • Interest Type
  • Maximum Occupancy
  • Notes
  • Replacement Cost
  • Replacement Cost per Area
  • Structure Material

Distribute Cost Using default value: Facility Size

Building Context default value: Building

Relevant Dates

  • Installed
  • Replaced
  • Retired

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