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Water Treatment Plant Floor

A Water Treatment Plant Floor serves as a container asset, combining component tools to provide full visibility of your facilities. With this high-performance asset, you can manage inspections, maintenance, and repairs; view requests, costs, and overall performance; and keep your facilities up-to-date and functional.


  • Building and Floor Management: Filter by building and floor to easily manage distinct areas within your facility.
  • Guided Inspections: Populate the ordered fields, attach notes and photos, and schedule necessary follow-up tasks on the spot.
  • Deterioration and Performance Curve: Use your inspection data to estimate the remaining service life and maintenance costs of your facilities.
  • Material Costs: Calculate reapplication costs based on individual facility data—such as material, surface, and application rate—right inside the asset.
  • Detailed Records: Receive detailed analysis of tasks, assets, work orders, and other facility details.
  • Location-Centric: View location-based data to best gauge location efficiency.
  • Planned Maintenance: Set a maintenance schedule so necessary tasks and work orders get assigned in advance.
  • Risk & Business Risk Exposure (BRE): These scores help you prioritize work and allocate your budget to address higher risk assets. The risk score is a number from 1 to 25 and is based on an asset's Probability of Failure and its Consequence of Failure. Calculating Risk is available for all asset types and Equipment.

Asset Details

Asset shape: Polygon

Report: Asset Summary

Component of WTP Facility and WTP Processes

Container for

  • WTP Blowers
  • WTP Compressors
  • WTP Electrical Generators
  • WTP HVAC Equipment
  • WTP Instrumentation
  • WTP Motors
  • WTP Pumps
  • WTP Screens
  • WTP Structures
  • WTP UV
  • WTP Valves


  • Street
  • City
  • Location Description


  • ID
  • Floor Name
  • Level
  • Building
  • Building Class
  • Area
  • Notes

Distribute Cost Using default value: Area

Building Context default value: Floor

Relevant Dates

  • Installed
  • Replaced
  • Retired

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