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Analytics Dashboard Features

High-performance teams don’t just capture good data; they analyze that data and use it to guide their decisions. Enter the Analytics Dashboard in Cartegraph. Use it to get quick access to the data you care about most, and make smarter decisions throughout your workday.

Build It Your Way

The power is in your hands. You choose the data you want to see and customize how you want to see it. You can keep your dashboard simple or load it up with gadgets.

Track things like:

  • Where is each department spending its money?
  • How many of our tasks are reactive vs. proactive?
  • Are we meeting our goal of completing 90% of graffiti removal requests within 72 hours? 
  • What are the top service requests from citizens by council district?
  • How many overdue tasks do we currently have? 

Easy to Use

Select from a variety of pre-built gadgets to start monitoring performance and evaluating success. Or, create your own gadget with just a few clicks.  Select your chart style and the data points you want to see, then preview and save. That’s it! Your gadget appears on your dashboard in seconds. Group multiple sets of data at the same time in a single bar or column chart. Quickly visualize data over time based on months, quarters, and years. Investigate and dig deeper into your metrics without ever leaving your dashboard with drill-down capabilities. 

Save and Share

Keep your dashboard focused on what matters to you most—right now. Save gadgets, remove anything you're not using, and retrieve it later from your Gadget Library with a quick search. Built a gadget the rest of your team could benefit from? Share any gadget with a user or role in a snap. Duplicate and edit any gadget shared with you to put your own spin on it. 

Replace Reports

Instead of running reports to see certain data points, create a gadget to display the data in real-time. Easily export the data from your gadget or save the image to share in a presentation.

The Analytics Dashboard includes several default gadgets, including:

  • Overdue Tasks by Department
  • Hours Logged Today by Team
  • Average Cost Per Activity
  • Open Requests More Than One Week Old