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Automation Manager Feature


“Why can’t the system do this for me?” With Automation Manager, it can.

Stop wasting time on repeated clicks and redundant actions.
Turn them into automations and become more efficient every day.

Automate Just About Anything

Let the system to do the work for you. Find more time in your day by automating repeatable functions. Use Automation Manager to set up automations for everything from creating tasks to sending email notifications.

For example, you could automate the following:

  • Send an email notification for any tasks that are overdue and increase the task's priority.
  • When a Repair task is completed, create a follow up Inspect task and assign the correct inspector.
  • When an asset is retired, cancel any remaining open tasks and stop any new tasks from being created for the retired asset.
  • When calculating the cost of materials, display an error message if the cost is higher than the authorized limit.

Efficient Workflows

Eliminate lag by automatically kicking off the next step in the workflow. No more waiting for someone to put the task in the system or relying on someone to remember. Set the automation once and the system takes care of the rest.

Improved Performance

Reduce time wasted on fixing mistakes like missing an odometer reading on an equipment task or mismatching the appropriate surface type and marking for an athletic field. Use Automation Manager to put verification checks in place—and catch errors before they happen.

Drag and Drop

Automation Manager comes with 200+ triggers. Some can be used as-is and others can be configured to fit your needs. Simply select the trigger you want to use, drag and drop the appropriate action and support blocks into your automation, set the properties, and hit Save.

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.