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Cartegraph Asset Management Mobile App

Imagine the power of Cartegraph Asset Management in the pocket of every worker out on the road or in the field. Think about how much operational data would be captured in real-time and what you could do with that information – create better maintenance plans, build accurate budgets, and more.

We believe mobile tools are the key to making that happen. That’s why we created Cartegraph Asset Management, available as a user-friendly iOS and Android app or in a browser on any device. Use it to collect assets, complete work, and track costs–all in real-time, wherever work is being done.

Built for the End User

Cartegraph Asset Management is designed specifically for your smartphone and tablet experience, online or offline. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to view, edit, and create tasks, assets, and requests on ArcGIS maps. Tap on one to see more information and enter additional details quickly. Review and add photos, videos, PDFs, and other attachments. Use layers to personalize the information on the screen to focus work on the individual. When it’s easy, people will use it. And the more you use it, the more data you have to back your decisions.

Efficient Mobile Workflows

No more paperwork or calls back to the office about tasks in progress. Open Cartegraph Asset Management to see your upcoming tasks, including asset inspections. As you go through your day, enter the resources used, mark tasks complete, and create and assign tasks as needed. 

Quick Time Entry

As you complete your work, use Cartegraph Asset Management to track the time, materials, and equipment you used. Tracking this information at the moment leads to more accurate data–data that will be used for future budget and planning purposes.

Fast Asset Collection

Speed up your asset collection with the Capture tool in Cartegraph Asset Management. Simply tap on the camera icon in the corner and snap a photo of the asset. The app will identify what it is, along with its location and certain attributes. Those details will be added to the asset record within seconds, making it quick and easy to build up your asset inventory.

Esri Maps

Choose the right map for the right job. All maps available on your browser application are available in Cartegraph Asset Management, including web maps. Tap the Maps list to see available maps and choose the one that best fits the work you are doing. You can even interact with the data in your web maps with Esri tool tips. 

Works With iPhone and Android

You no longer need to equip every field crew with laptops. Use familiar smartphone and tablet devices to create and maintain an accurate asset inventory. With the power of Cartegraph in the pocket of every user, you’ll be capturing more operational data than ever – enabling you to build and run a high-performance organization.