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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph Asset Management + Esri Functionality

Two powerful systems individually, Cartegraph Asset Management and Esri are even more powerful together through ArcGIS Identity. Enhance your workflows with the tools you need, where you need them.

Spatial Analysis++

Elevate your decision making by leveraging Esri’s Spatial Analysis functionality within Cartegraph Asset Management. Analyze data from Cartegraph Asset Management layers, Esri layers, or both at the same time. Simply choose your target layer, build a query, and run the analysis. Learn more>> 

Measure Tool

With Esri’s Measure Tool available in Cartegraph Asset Management, you can quickly measure distance or area. Whether you need to know the length of a pipe or the size of an open space in a park, choose your unit of measurement and get the data you need to get your work done.

Selection Tools

Accurately selecting objects spatially is crucial for planning and understanding. With easy access to Esri’s Radial Distance, Linear Offset, Polygon Offset, and Spatial Analysis Selection Tools in Cartegraph Asset Management, users can find all the requests in a problem area, select all the assets that could be affected by a planned project, and much more. Once selected, you can create tasks, reassign work, and more.

Asset GIS Integration

Integrate more than just asset attributes. The Asset GIS Integration also pulls current asset condition information from Cartegraph Asset Management into Esri. Leverage the spatial analysis tools in the ArcGIS platform to easily visualize asset condition data and make better decisions.

Work GIS Integration

The work data you store in Cartegraph Asset Management is invaluable—showing what you did, where, when, how long it took, and how much it cost. The one-way Work GIS Integration pulls that data from Cartegraph Asset Management into Esri for use in story maps, spatial analysis tools, and more.

Collector App Compatibility

Use the right tool for the right job. Esri’s Collector app is a great tool for asset data collection with a high-level of GIS accuracy. Use it to collect assets and attach photos. The data syncs seamlessly with Cartegraph Asset Management for future maintenance and inspection needs.

Level 1 and Level 2 Licensing

Choose the licensing level that suits your needs. Cartegraph Asset Management supports both Level 1 and Level 2 Esri named-user licenses. The functionality in Cartegraph Asset Management respects the terms of the Esri license agreements: Level 1 to view GIS associated content, Level 2 to edit and analyze.

Web Maps+

Produce web maps in Esri and use them in Cartegraph Asset Management. Access data from operational layers and interact with them using map tools.  

+Functionality enabled through ArcGIS Identity Level 1 named user license.

++Functionality enabled through ArcGIS Identity Level 2 named user license.

This feature is not available in offline mode.