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Advanced Material Management

Take the headache out of managing materials. With Cartegraph’s Advanced Material Management, organizations can track materials at multiple locations, transfer them from one place to another, and organize the material ordering process. Material planning allows your organization to plan for upcoming work. 

Material Location

Keep sight on your materials and where they’re located. Click to see all materials at any given location, from warehouses to trucks. Another click will show you a list of all the locations a particular material is stored. Review a rollup of the value of stocked materials, the number of materials that need to be reordered, and other helpful data.

Adjustable Inventory Settings

Since the warehouse quantity is likely different than the quantity stored on the truck, you can adjust inventory settings by location. The reorder point, reorder amount, maximum amount, and minimum amounts are all editable fields. 


Easily move materials from place to place with the Transfer tool. It works similar to an online banking account: You choose where the materials are moving from, where they’re going, and how many to transfer. The system will promptly update to reflect the changes.

Bulk Transfer

Simplify the process of restocking your trucks. Instead of transferring materials one by one, the Bulk Transfer tool pulls a list of all materials that need to be restocked. Make the transfer with one click and get on with your day.

Material Order Tracking

Keep tabs on which materials you’ve ordered, from where, and how much you paid for them. All orders are organized by vendor for easy tracking. When the shipment comes in, simply select that vendor, click Receive, and Cartegraph will update to display the newly stocked materials.

Material Planning

Material planning allows your organization to plan for upcoming work. Supervisors and managers can estimate material costs and then request the approved materials from the warehouse. Warehouse staff can then review inventory and reserve the needed material when it is available.

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at