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Scenario Builder

Whether you’re prepping for a council meeting or putting together a capital improvement plan, Scenario Builder provides the business-critical data you need. Compare scenarios to weigh your options and wow council with your projections. Once you're approved, quickly turn your scenario into a project and that project into a work order—associated tasks and all.


From pavement to water utilities, OpenGov's Scenario Builder can predict the future cost of any infrastructure asset. Want to know what condition your pavement network will be in 5 years? Or how much you can improve your water utilities with a limited budget? What are the cost impacts of deferring an activity? A few clicks in Scenario Builder and you’ll have all the data at your fingertips. 

Quickly project which activities will maximize the life of your assets and how much they’ll cost. See how a particular plan would affect the condition of your entire asset network and visualize those suggested activities on a map—the perfect backup for your budget conversations.


Configure scenarios to fit your planning needs and meet identified outcomes. Apply outcomes like a defined budget or a target network OCI. Use the filter trigger to specify any filter for any asset. Use the estimated OCI range trigger to leverage condition estimates and deterioration expectations. Use the time filter to specify the frequency of the projected activities.

Compare your options and make smarter decisions for your citizens, whether that’s determining how to prioritize projects or how to maximize every dollar of your budget for the next year, five years, ten years, or more.


Don’t let the user-friendly interface fool you; Scenario Builder is one smart system. It pulls data from your Cartegraph Asset Management Classic performance curves, activities, impacts, and more to create clear, accurate predictions on everything from OCI gains to budget impact. For more accurate cost estimates, pull funds from specific budget categories by plan year and factor in inflation. Scenario Builder projections can even take into account tasks you already have planned or in progress in Cartegraph Asset Management Classic  before suggesting additional work  Pretty cool, huh? 

Are you more of a visual person? View, refine, and rerun your projections from your scenario map. Quickly interpret your data, compare projections against your planned or in-progress work, change suggested activities, and see how the edited activities will affect your overall OCI gains or budget by plan year. Once you're happy with the results, print off those final protections to wow council at your next budget or capital improvement planning meeting.   

Wicked Fast

When we say fast, we mean fast. Like 20,000 activities in 30 seconds fast. And, you won’t sacrifice performance for speed. The rest of your Cartegraph Asset Management Classic system will run normally, even as you run scenario after scenario after scenario.

Easy to Use

You enter your timeline and budget—or your timeline and goals. Scenario Builder will do the rest. When you're ready, go from plan to planned using Scenario Builder projects. Break up and group scenario results into different projects to plan and execute the recommended work. Convert projects into work orders with the click of a button, then kick back and relax as all those tasks are automatically created. 

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