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Asset Condition Manager Features

Understand where an asset is in its overall lifecycle. The Asset Condition Manager uses the data captured in the Condition Category, Condition Group, and its Prediction Group to quickly and accurately calculate the asset's current Estimated Condition, helping you reduce maintenance costs and plan better for the future.

Condition Categories

  • Typically defined by observed characteristics of an asset.
  • Contains the weight of the impact this condition category has on the asset's Overall Condition Index (OCI).
  • Allows the selection of Condition Details.
  • Allows editing of Index Mappings and Impacts.
  • Learn more about condition categories.

Prediction Groups

  • Typically defined by the type of material an asset is comprised of.
  • Contains performance curve information defining how a group of assets deteriorate over time.
  • Learn more About Prediction Groups.

Condition Group

  • Typically defined by an asset's functional use.
  • Contains the minimum acceptable condition information for a group of assets.
  • Learn More About Condition Groups

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