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Cartegraph Campus

Preventative Maintenance for Assets

We’ve made Preventative Maintenance a key feature of Cartegraph. It is designed as a proactive, efficient way for managers and maintenance crews to create asset maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, gauge asset performance, and intelligently plan for replacements and repairs.

Recurring Tasks

Schedule recurring maintenance tasks against single pieces or groups of assets. Built-in search allows users to quickly locate maintenance plans.

  • Timed maintenance: Schedule maintenance tasks to occur at planned intervals. For example, Water hydrant inspection every three months
  • Condition-based maintenance: Schedule maintenance tasks to occur at planned intervals. For example, Pavement OCI falls below your organization’s acceptable pavement condition standards.

Task Management

Cartegraph Preventative Maintenance functionality is far more than a scheduling tool. It gives crew members full visibility on the work in their departments.

  •  ​Built-in notifications inform staff of tasks in progress and those needing to be done sooner than later.
  •  When maintaining a particular asset, users can easily see what/if future tasks are planned, and make better, more proactive decisions when performing their work.

Example: A field worker is repairing a leaking water hydrant. The worker can also see that the hydrant has its regularly scheduled inspection one week from now. The worker can use this information to decide whether to proactively inspect the hydrant now, or keep it on schedule for its future planned date.

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