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Cartegraph Campus

FEMA Rates and Reporting

Cartegraph includes several standardized tools to help you effectively respond to—and get reimbursed for—FEMA-related events and activities.

Generate FEMA Rates

Automatically create FEMA rates for Equipment resources based on the current FEMA Schedule of Equipment Rates.

Access data more easily

We've added a ready-to-use Equipment FEMA Rates library to Library Manager, so the Equipment FEMA Cost Code is set on Equipment records.

Track equipment operators

FEMA requires an Equipment operator on FEMA-related tasks. The default timesheet layout includes an Operator field, so you know who ran the equipment. You can also turn on a pre-built automation to require the Operator field on a FEMA task.

Share reports

Leverage five reports to help you track FEMA-related equipment, labor, and material usage and expenses.