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Cartegraph Campus

GIS Integration

Cartegraph and Esri work seamlessly together, combining your organization’s existing GIS web maps and asset inventories with rich operations and asset management functionality designed especially for the needs of local government.

Highly Compatible

Cartegraph is a perfect companion for every Esri product. It works in tandem with ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Server, and Portal. Access your data from one server or multiple servers—whatever works best for your unique needs.

Data Synchronization

Current data—no matter which system you’re in. Our GIS integration links your AcrGIS data to your Cartegraph data, enabling field users to capture information in one system and push it to the other simultaneously.  If you have data in one system, but not the other, the integration will fill in your missing pieces.

Geometric Network Protection

Cartegraph’s GIS integration with Esri protects the integrity of your geometric networks. Use ArcGIS tools to create and update geometric networks. The information will update instantly in Cartegraph, giving you access to more robust data at all times.


Quality control for spatial data. Esri’s versioning mechanism gives GIS administrators the opportunity to review new and edited data before it’s published in ArcGIS. Perfect for non-GIS personnel entering data in the field.

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.


When you pair your ArcGIS data with Cartegraph you increase the power of the data in both systems. ArcGIS is a great tool for locating and tracking infrastructure. Cartegraph takes that information and uses it in different ways. For example, you can track an asset's location and it's inspection history, then you can determine what assets are at risk for failure.