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Cartegraph Campus

Requests on Cartegraph for iPad

Downed signs, debris, potholes, and more. When a request comes in, you can get right to work—thanks to the Requests feature on Cartegraph for iPad.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 4.24.53 PM.png

Mobile Access

View and edit requests from anywhere. With the touch of a finger, workers in the field can see everything that needs to be done, including all tasks associated with a request.

Efficient Task Management

Easily add and assign associated tasks on-site. No need to rely on your office crew to keep things organized. Editing or re-assigning existing tasks in the field is easy, too.

Quick Communication

Follow up with requesters via email right from the app. This efficient functionality will help you vet and respond to requests in record time.

Smooth Navigation

Get where you want to go with one quick tap—from asset to task to request to your home screen. Say goodbye to hitting that pesky back button on repeat and hello to lightning fast action.

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at