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Requests Features

Potholes, street light outages, graffiti, and more. Cartegraph’s Requests features help you accurately and efficiently manage incoming service requests and non-emergency issues.

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Citizen engagement.

SeeClickFix is Cartgraph’s partner for a cloud-hosted citizen request solution.  It’s a simple integration with the Cartegraph platform that allows users to quickly and conveniently submit service requests and report non-emergency issues from any modern browser or mobile device. 

Open 311 compatible.

Cartegraph also intakes issues from any 311 system.  Relate those issues to assets you’re managing in Cartegraph. Create and schedule the necessary work. Once the issue is resolved, you’ll have an incredibly detailed record of work performed, time and resources spent, and future actions recommended.

Improved customer service.

When you receive multiple calls for the same request, Cartegraph helps phone reps recognize the redundancy and log each additional call under a single Request. This not only eliminates duplicate data, it reduces call times, and helps you understand the urgency of a particular request.

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Internal requests, too.

Use Cartegraph to engage staff in the safety and upkeep of their workplace. The Internal Request feature is a central portal that uses the same usability and accessibility of our citizen request solution to intake non-emergency issues and service requests from within your organization.  Learn more Internal Requests Features. Internal Requests requires an enterprise advanced feature extension.

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This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at