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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph OMS Functionality Overview

Asset Management

  • Choose from 100+ predefined asset types
  • Supports any asset type and attribution
  • Maintains a complete asset history
  • Allows for customized asset inspections
  • Ability to aggregate assets into containers, accumulating costs and calculating overall condition for the container
  • Honors linked asset relationships, such as water and sewer network assets
  • Track indoor assets by building, floor, and floor plan lines
  • Ability to run spatial analysis queries against other assets and/or Esri features
  • Overview header information in assets shows the rolled-up cost of every record plus current condition and remaining life
  • Allows for unlimited attachments of most file types
  • Allows for Facility Condition Assessments                            

Service Request Management

  • Works with internal and external requests
  • Organizes multiple requesters inside a single request record for cleaner data management
  • Ability to associate a request to an asset 
  • Ability to create a task based on a request
  • Integrates with any Open311-compliant software

Maintenance Management

  • Manages tasks and work orders
  • Work order overview header shows the rolled-up cost for every record
  • Ability to associate multiple work activities to a single request
  • Ability to create preventative maintenance tasks for any asset based on condition, time, and usage
  • Includes robust Notifications Manager for new requests, new work, all work completed for a request, and citizen notifications
  • Compare estimate and actual resource costs

Resource Management

  • Distribute resources to tasks
  • Set labor rates
  • Manage labor crews
  • Track equipment
  • Use equipment FEMA rates based on FEMA Schedule
  • Manage materials
  • Implement vendor price quotes


  • Includes easy-to-use report designer with interactive web viewing
  • Allows multiple recordsets on a single report
  • Includes summary and detail reports for each asset
  • Standard reports for work items, requests, resources, and FEMA
  • Ability to print barcodes, add charts, print maps, and include attachments
  • Automatically email reports with Automation Manager


  • ArcGIS maps are fully integrated into the application
  • Includes easy access to measure and selection tools, as well as spatial analysis tools
  • Works with ArcGIS Online Maps or ArcGIS Server for Windows published map

System Configuration

  • Ability to create screen layouts for details, lists, and lookups
  • Ability to manage field structure
  • Ability to create and edit library values to be used in lookup fields
  • Filter what records are displayed in the map and list 
  • Save and share filtered layers
  • Create record filters based on security roles
  • Create automated workflows

Mobile Capabilities

  • User-friendly apps developed specifically for field professionals
    • Cartegraph One app for iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets
    • Cartegraph for iPad app
  • Ability to collect assets, complete work, and log resources on-the-go
  • Ability to view assets, tasks, and requests on a mobile map
  • Ability to view equipment and assign work 
  • Ability to edit GIS database from the field through ArcGIS integration
  • Includes a live connection to the database from the field
  • As work is completed, the impact is immediately represented in asset condition and remaining life
  • Ability to vet requests, create tasks for the affected asset, and assign tasks from the field
  • Ability to work in Offline mode
  • Ability to create requests and requesters from the field (Cartegraph One only)
  • Ability to search by ID, keyword and bar code scan for assets, equipment, tasks and requests (Cartegraph One only)
  • Ability to view assigned tasks in an optimized route fashion (iPad only)
  • Ability to generate an optimized task list route based on the top 5, 10, 25, or 50 Tasks according to the current filter and sort (iPad only)
  • Ability to manage buildings by filtering tasks and assets by building and floor, and display floor plan lines (Cartegraph One only)


  • Includes role-based user management tools
  • Ability to share view layouts among common users

GIS Integration

  • Seamless two-way GIS Integration standard
  • One-way integration from Cartegraph to ArcGIS for work items
  • One-way integration from ArcGIS to Cartegraph for floor plan lines

System Architecture

  • Web-based Architecture
  • Less maintenance burden on IT
  • Database: MS SQL 2012, 2014, 2016, or 2017
  • One-step single-machine software update


  • Named User

User Interface

  • Includes a map on almost every page
  • Gadgets on the home screen display summary data and roll up information
  • Ability to create custom views for each user according to their preferences
  • Ability to adjust map and list views using layers and filters
  • Includes Form and Record level persistence
  • Consistent layout and functionality throughout the application


  • Web-based Integration API
  • Scheduled import and export
  • Supports basic data processing operations on import/export; for example, concatenation, addition, subtraction, etc.
  • Supports incoming and outgoing Webhooks
  • Easy-to-use export tools directly to Excel with no need to generate reports
  • Integrate with other applications using the Cartegraph app in Zapier