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Cartegraph Campus

Work Order Management

Learn about the core features of Cartegraph's Work Management Solution

A complete work management system, too. Cartegraph’s modern workflow makes municipal operations run more smoothly and efficiently than ever.


Effectively manage the individual work events that make-up the workday. For assets, infrastructure, equipment, and all the other things you fix and maintain. Easily create and schedule any type of task. Automatically notify users of new and urgent tasks in real time.

Work Orders

Create a work order at the project level and use it to manage all the tasks necessary to complete it. Instead of assuming that each step of a job or project has been done, you’ll see every related action in meticulous detail — task type and location, overall costs and progress of the work order, when it needs to be completed, and when it needs to be done again.

Repeating Work Orders

Create routine tasks once, relate them to the work order, and schedule each one to repeat at whatever interval you’d like, as many times as you’d like.

Time Entry

In the office and in the field, Cartegraph makes time sheet management easy and accurate. No more estimates or best guesses. Complete your task, enter your time, and mark it complete. Working on multiple tasks of the same type? Cartegraph also enables you to enter time and resources on multiple tasks at once.

Preventative Maintenance

An efficient way for managers and crews to create asset maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, gauge asset performance, and proactively plan for replacements and repairs. Use the Projected Task functionality to display upcoming work in List and Calendar views.

Task Triggers

You already have enough work to do. Let Cartegraph’s built-in Trigger feature automatically create tasks for you. Just specify the condition and usage limits, and elapsed and scheduled time intervals. The system will do the rest.

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