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Facilities Maintenance Management (FMM)

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Technology, Facilities, and Management

Facilities Maintenance Management (FMM) is one of the most dynamic areas of local government. If you’re managing buildings, grounds, and structures—as well as the assets attached—you know that there are many moving parts. An act as simple as changing a light bulb at a public facility, park, or trail can make a world of difference for thousands of people. The best facilities management teams are ever-present with eyes and ears in all park structures, recreational facilities, office buildings, warehouses, libraries, parking lots, bridges, tunnels stairways, and overpass. The ability to respond to needs, make repairs, and implement upgrades quickly is critical—any delays can be detrimental to public safety and quality of life. That’s why technology is so important to the facilities management process.

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Facilities Maintenance Management (FMM)